Biz Smarts is a webinar series that provides business skills development for artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.


Building a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

delivered by Maria Pineros & Silvia Fornoni from Joint Development Collective 

This hands-on workshop, will get you started with creating a targeted digital marketing and content strategy to successfully promote your artistic work and achievements online. Together we will work to:
  • Define your communications goals and target audience
  • Understand the consumer journey for you to authentically connect with fans and supporters
  • Map your content strategy to strengthen your following online
  • Determine measures of success
Delivered on September 21, 2017


The Brand of ‘You’: Personal Branding for Artists

delivered by Maria Pineros from Joint Development Collective 

Developing a strong, and memorable brand identity, allows you as an artist to propel yourself and position your work within a competitive market. Through this workshop we will discuss the fundamental elements of personal branding:
  • Brand purpose and values
  • Brand experience
  • Market research
  • Unique selling proposition
Delivered on September 14, 2017

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