Administrative Assistant

Date Posted: Feb 17, 2017
Application Deadline: Mar 06, 2017
Start Date: Mar 13, 2017

Salary: TBD
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Term: Full-time

Organization Description


Bandbox is an artist and business development firm located downtown Toronto, Ontario. We work with musicians, music companies, festivals and organizations to help them realize their goals and act on them. Providing business development/planning, funding acquisitions and government relations, rights and royalty administration, visa/work permit petitioning and music promotion.

Job Description

The Job:

Our team is seeking a full-time administrative assistant. This is a completely administrative role. While you will be working in a fast-paced and creative environment, we are looking for someone who has a talent and natural ability to work with systems, support business infrastructure and lead project coordination. There are many moving parts to our business model and it’s crucial that the individual in this role feels confident with multi-tasking under pressure.

The perks:

Bandbox works with some of Canada’s top artists and music businesses. We’re part of a close knit community of colleagues and associates. Our team regularly attends live music performances and events. We get to work on unique and exciting projects and we often witness the direct and positive impact that our work has on our clientele. We’re part of a new music industry model that is rapidly becoming a nationwide standard.



• Client project tracking
• Sales and lead tracking
• Administrative support and day-to-day assistance to all project managers
• Client liaising to ensure that all projects and campaigns are properly set up and all administrative aspects are tracked and maintained
• Scheduling and coordinating office calendar
• Daily check-ins and updates with project managers. You will also be asked to take lead on scheduling and coordinating weekly team meetings.
• Direct support to Accounting and Business Management where required
• Support with project uploads and portal maintenance (Funding/Rights and Royalty Admin)
• Data entry (Funding and Rights and Royalty Admin)
• Taking minutes in select Business Development meetings
• Internal systems maintenance


You must:

• Have a positive attitude. Sounds obvious but it’s a priority here.
• Be punctual. You’re not late and if you can’t be on time or present, you ensure your work is completed and your team is covered.
• Be hyper organized.
• Have advanced experience with Microsoft Excel. Our internal tracking systems rely on the use of macros, formulas and custom layouts. You should be able to navigate these with ease.
• Experience using Google Drive and Google Calendar
• Have strong attention to detail
• Experience in scheduling and tracking projects
• Have strong work place and client communication skills with a natural ability to write well.
• Be assertive. You must be able to take initiative without prompt. We are looking for someone to get on the phone or jump on email to get things done!
• You must be able to work well under pressure. One of our primary services deals in multiple deadlines on a regular basis.

Additional Info:

Bonus points:

• You love music and have an appreciation for the arts.
• You’re social and assertive in social environments
• Interest in digital applications and work tools. Experience with client management tools.
• Fluent in both English and French languages
• Experience as a personal/executive assistant
• Experience in CSS
• Design skills (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)

How to Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter as PDF attachments with the following conventions:

Subject: "Bandbox Administrative Assistant - Your Name - DD.MM.YYYY"

Resume: "Your Name - Resume - DD.MM.YYYY"

Cover Letter: "Your Name - Cover Letter - DD.MM.YYYY"


Please provide your availability for a formal interview. Your cover letter should highlight your experience in an administrative role. Please note that music industry experience is not mandatory.

You will be asked for 2-3 references prior to your interview.

Contact Info:

Name: Zack
Telephone: 416 686 2091
Telephone Ext.: 222
Fax: 4166291523


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