Clay and Paper Theatre 25th Anniversary Volunteer Committee

Calling all Event Planners, Fundraisers, Publicity & Production People!

Clay and Paper Theatre is gearing up for its glorious 25th anniversary (WOW. How did that happen?!?!) as the resident theatre company of Dufferin Grove Park (YIPPEEE!!!). We’re calling it The Big Smooch – Clay and Paper Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Party & Dance and it will take place mid-June. We’re striking up a volunteer committee of talented event, communications and production pros, to help us celebrate all of the extraordinary young emerging artists, dedicated professional theatre practitioners and generous audience members, who have supported our not-for-profit arts org of feisty puppetry revolutionaries since 1994.

The first meeting of the committee will take place the week of March 18th. Over the two months leading up to the event, we expect you will need to volunteer from 16 to 24 hours (i.e. 2 to 3 hours/week for 8 weeks) and then the day of the event will be a full day (Don’t worry - On the day of we’ll also have lots of apprentice artists on hand to assist.). We need to fill the following positions on the committee:
  • Event Planner(s): You can guide people through the imagining and planning process, build a budget with input from committee members and a C&P staff member, help create the event blueprint, can rock a critical path and can keep an eye on the overall arc of the event.
  • Fundraiser(s): Clay and Paper Theatre is a charitable organization and we’ll need your assistance to strategize around our ask and how to get the word out. We’ll need funds to pay the bands, or in-kind donations (like a party venue or sound equipment) or reduced costs for food/snacks. C&P also has a lot of contacts and networks so you’ll definitely have a place to start. Maybe you can introduce us to some of your networks too?
  • Publicity Maven(s): Kaboom! You use words like rocket fuel. You know how to grab and keep attention with party invites, press releases, social media posts. Can you get us organized and focused with a communications plan? Maybe you’re also a photographer or designer? We’ve got a ridiculously humongous archive of photos. Can you create a looping ppt for us of photos that we’ll project on the walls at the event? Lots ‘o creative possibilities.
  • Production Manager(s): Could the theme décor include… hmm… Puppets? ;) You’ve got a great eye for staging and onsite problem solving and are comfortable with a/v setup. Maybe you also have contacts who could donate a/v equipment? Driver’s License is required. You’ll also guide the team (and work with the event planner to create a runsheet) in setup and strike.
  • Production Assistants: You do not have to be an expert for this job (i.e. come from the theatre production or event planning world.). You can come to Committee Meetings, learn a bit about live event planning, assist the Production Manager the day of the event. There will be plenty of varying, small jobs if you’re keen to join us and are motivated and a self-starter.
If you're up for the adventure with a bunch of insurgent puppeteers, please send us an email before March 18 at And be sure to tell us something about yourself, which volunteer position interests you and your experience. If you need more info about C&P, be sure to check out our Instagram ( and Facebook ( accounts. If you have any questions, you can also call us at 416-708-3332.

Clay and Paper Theatre has been the resident theatre company of Dufferin Grove Park since 1994, making art accessible-to-all, building/rehearsing/performing productions in public space and in full public view, always offering Pay-What-You-Can performances and free Open Studio workshops. Clay and Paper Theatre has also toured throughout the GTA and beyond, with performances and workshops in Collingwood, Waterloo, Lindsay, Akwesasne, Kingston. The three annual signature events that anchor our work in Dufferin Grove are: Day of Delight (a juried multi-arts festival); the annual Summer Play (25 original plays produced to date); and Night of Dread (a community parade and pageant).
Clay and Paper Theatre continuously engages new audiences: our Puppets Without Barriers provided touch tours and integrated descriptive dialogue for hearing and visually impaired audiences; CYCLOPS (Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad) was a completely mobile-theatre-troupe that pushed the bounds of audience development; the Centre for Insurgent Puppetry has offered theatre practitioners and community members alike a curriculum in puppetry, material arts building, performance techniques in spectacle, pageantry and processional arts; and ArtPods (a storage container workshop/Open Studio) has allowed Clay and Paper Theatre to take its programming to new parks and communities. Additionally, over 25 years Clay and Paper Theatre has trained 252 emerging artists during our summer Performance in Public Space Apprenticeship program.


Discovery Category: Volunteer Opportunities
Start Date: Mar 18, 2019
End Date: Jun 16, 2019
Format: In-Person
Venue Name: Dufferin Grove Park
Address: 875 Dufferin Park Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 4B2
Provider: Clay and Paper Theatre
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