Discovery Category: Volunteer Opportunities
Start Date: Feb 22, 2021
End Date: Aug 31, 2021
Format: Online
Provider: Ògo Tàwa Inc.


Calling all Black Lives Matter Supporters who are exceptional dancers/choreographers!

Do you have an interest in making a positive impact on Black communities in Canada and globally?

Are you passionate about matters of social justice, confronting anti-Black racism, allyship, and solidarity with the Black community?

Are you a fabulous dancer?

Do you have an appreciation for the ability of art and entertainment to enhance people's lives?

If so, then we have a role for you!

As a dancer helping our non-profit Ògo Tàwa, you will express a story in rhythm and sound with the body to our music in R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and afro-classical to help us celebrate the value of Black lives in making our nation a great place to live. You are agile and flexible, as well as accustomed to self-recording dance routines/dance challenges of yourself for posting onto TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. You are a member of the Black community OR a non-Black ally to the Black community who is eager to celebrate your support of, affiliation to, and appreciation of the Black community through your talented dancing skills. Your dance talents will help us create more opportunities for there to be greater equity in the arts and entertainment sector whereby Black creatives in Canada and Africa have the opportunity to flourish and achieve their fullest potential. We seek your help in unleashing a global dance craze with assistance from international influencers. If you want to support the BLM movement through dance. This role is for you! Our goal is to grow our social media pages to bring attention to talented Black creatives and to support their talents.

Dancers must be comfortable performing and recording solo dance routines from home, if needed. To show the global appeal of Black music culture, we seek dancers who can do 30 sec, 1 min, and 5 min dance routines for afrobeat/pop/hip hop/afro-classical music using one or more of the following dance styles.

1) hip hop dance

2) afrobeats style dance

3) jazz style dance

4) salsa style dance

5) acrobatic dances

6) modern dance

7) Bollywood dance

8) Bangara dance style

9) Breakdance

10) Aerial silks

  • Quickly search dance moves on social media for inspiration, practice and perform dance routines
  • Harmonize body movements to the rhythm of musical accompaniment.
  • Perform modern, hip hop, afrobeat, salsa, or acrobatic dances in productions, expressing stories, rhythm, and sound with their bodies.
  • Collaborate with choreographers, dancers, and/or creative producers to refine or modify dance steps.
  • Choose the music that will accompany a dance routine
  • Coordinate dancing with that of partners or dance ensembles.
  • Monitor the field of dance to remain aware of current trends and innovations.
  • Train others on performance techniques.
  • Devise and choreograph a dance for self or others.
  • Learn complex dance movements that entertain an audience


  • Talented in creating innovative and impressive dance steps
  • Ability to convey emotion during dance a plus
  • Strong rhythm, movement, and music coordination
  • Ability to coordinate memorable and mesmerizing dance routines to slow tempo and fast tempo music
  • Ability to choreograph dance styles to non-traditional music genres (Such as a salsa dance routine for an R&B song as an example or Bollywood dance)
  • Ability to choreograph simple and creative dance steps that can easily be followed


  • 6 years experience in professional dancing for audiences preferred
  • Formal dance training a plus
  • Quick with creating and mastering short and innovative dance routines
  • Access to space with a pleasant appearance for recording dance routines for social media
  • Able to self-record on a high definition video image capturing phone or video recording device, for images 30 seconds to 1 minute in length or as long as five minutes
  • Access to phone or video recording device that can shoot high-quality short video footage
  • Comfortable posting dance routine you performed to all social media platforms
  • Access to a dance space at home or at a studio where you can perform and record your dance sequence
  • Access to a helper that can record your dance routine
  • Dancers required to have their own dance outfits for the performance
  • Dancers required to take responsibility for styling their own hair and makeup for 30 sec, 1 min, and/or 5 min dance videos

Dancers with substantive TikTok/Youtube/Instagram following are a plus!

Dancers to include links to their dance routines on social media (youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, etc) OR google drive link in their cover letter.

Dancers may be asked to record micro-dance routines outdoors for 30 sec and 1 min dance videos

How to Register:

Interested applicants  excited about volunteering with us should apply by sending their resume and cover letter to

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