IAM - Dance of the Molecules - A digital performance installation presented by the Aga Khan

Discovery Category: Events (e.g. conferences, symposiums, etc.)
Start Date: Mar 05, 2021
End Date: Apr 30, 2021
Format: Online
Venue Name: Digital, online exhibition
Address: Presented by the Aga Khan
Cost: FREE
Provider: Aga Khan
WebSite Address: agakhanmuseum.org/IAM


IAM - Dance of the Molecules - A covid-19 story directed by Radha Chaddah and presented by the Aga Khan Museum as a virtual performance installation. March 5 - April 30.

An immersive outdoor multimedia performance currently manifested as an experimental dance film, IAM is a collection of COVID-19 stories told through dance and light. Each of its four acts is set in a sequentially larger scale of material reality, starting with the molecular, then moving into the human, the global, and finally the universal. The first instalment, IAM: Dance of the Molecules, premieres on March 5 as a digital exhibition on the Aga Khan Museum’s website.

Known for making art about invisible realities like the cellular world and electromagnetic energy, using light as her primary medium, Chaddah is uniquely suited to interpret this moment of global significance. “The intention of IAM: Dance of the Molecules is to bring us out of the realm of fearfulness and into the realm of curiosity,” says Chaddah, who has lectured on cell biology for artists, art students, and the public at OCADU, the University of Toronto, and the Textile Museum of Canada. “IAM symbolizes the interconnectedness of nature, and the fallacy that humans can live outside of it, or control it. The pandemic reminds us that we are but a thread in the interwoven fabric of nature, a small part of a much larger evolutionary narrative.”
Created by Radha Chaddah, Choreographer - Allie Blumas, Dancers - Allie Blumas & Lee Gelbloom, Produced by Jaclyn Blumas, Radha Chaddah & porch. An under5studio production. Presented by the Aga Khan Museum.

About Radha Chaddah
Radha Chaddah is a Toronto-based visual artist and scientist. Born in Owen Sound, Ontario, she studied Film and Art History at Queen’s University (BAH) and Human Biology at the University of Toronto, where she received a Master of Science degree in cell and molecular neurobiology. Chaddah makes art about invisible realities like the cellular world and electromagnetic energy, using light as her primary medium. Her work examines the interconnected themes of knowledge, illusion, and material reality. In her studio, she designs projected light installations for public exhibition. In the laboratory, she uses the tools of research science to grow and photograph cells using embedded fluorescent lightemitting molecules. Her photographs and light installations have been exhibited across Canada, and her photographs have appeared in numerous publications.


Exhibition event -  agakhanmuseum.org/IAM  March 5- April 30 .  A preview for the exhibition can be viewed early using this same link.



This is a free digital exhibition, open for the public and suitable for all audiences of all ages.

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Exhibition can be viewed by simply clicking the link provided. 

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Email: jacalynie@gmail.com