Physical Theatre Creation with Andy Massingham

When you open your senses to the world, you discover that everything is telling you a story. How you react informs your impulses, and from your impulses, you create theatre.

Andy’s course at Tarragon is geared toward the experienced artist who is interested in expanding their sensory and emotional awareness as well as taking physical risks.  Exercises in physical exploration will develop your impulses from idea to actualization, and create narrative threads that form a story. Non-verbal communication (via elements of mask, clown, and corporeal mime) will be used to tap your creative centre with playful curiosity and optimism, unlocking the “physical voice” of your artist within.

The course will be a performance-based lab with work being done in solo, pair, and group formations. There will be written, observatory, and physical homework.

Discovery Category: Training (e.g. workshops, courses, etc.)
Start Date: Mar 04, 2019
End Date: Apr 01, 2019
Format: In-Person
Venue Name: Tarragon Theatre
Address: 30 Bridgman Ave.
Cost: $550 Regular and $440 Equity/Artist discount
Provider: Tarragon Theatre
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How to Register:

Please contact: with a brief letter of intent, outlining your interest in the course. Registration is limited.

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