Treasurer, Board of Directors

Discovery Category: Board Members
Start Date: Jan 01, 2023
End Date: Dec 31, 2025
Format: Online
Venue Name: Online
Provider: Xenia Concerts
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Term:                             Three-year term
Location:                       National
Compensation:             Volunteer

Application Requirements

Please send a copy of your CV and a brief cover letter outlining why you are a good fit for the position to

About the Organization

Co-founded by the members of the JUNO-nominated Cecilia String Quartet and now in its eighth year, Xenia Concerts Inc. is a registered charity that works with the neurodiversity and disability communities to design, produce, and present exceptional performing arts experiences for children, their families, and others within those communities who face systemic and social barriers to inclusion. The organization is best known for the creation and ongoing direction of a sensory-friendly concert series at Meridian Hall in Toronto that welcomes neurodiverse audiences—especially children and families—to enjoy live music in an accessible and inclusive environment. Featured artists have included internationally acclaimed Canadian musicians such as Ensemble Made in Canada, the Rolston String Quartet, Moskitto Bar, and Ladom Ensemble. Xenia also works with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and Baycrest Centre to design and deliver dementia-friendly programming to older adults, in person and online. In addition to its core sensory-friendly concert series – which is now also broadcast online to audiences across Canada – Xenia now works with partners throughout Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia to present sensory-friendly concerts to new audiences; to train artists to deliver accessible programming; and to engage with the neurodiversity and disability communities in artistic co-creation projects.
Xenia Concerts is committed to improving equity both within its institution and across the performing arts sector. Applicants from all equity-seeking communities are encouraged to apply, including, but not limited to, those who identify as neurodivergent, D/deaf or disabled, Black, Indigenous, and people of colour, recognizing that both lived and learned experiences will inform the success of this role. At all levels of the organization, Xenia Concerts promotes equal opportunity, fair treatment, and the elimination of barriers for qualified individuals with disabilities.
Values of the organization include:
  • Enrichment – Xenia Concerts Inc. understands that music, the arts, and the opportunity to express oneself artistically improves the quality of life of all people.
  • Inclusion – Xenia Concerts Inc. believes that all persons have the right to experience, create, and otherwise express themselves through artistic endeavours.
  • Excellence – Xenia Concerts Inc. creates and presents programs, concerts, and other artistic productions of high professional quality.
  • Inspiration – Xenia Concerts Inc. seeks to inspire creators, artists, and audiences through arts experiences.
  • Community – Xenia Concerts Inc. promotes and nurtures social development and creates community cohesion through accessible and inclusive artistic events.
  • Sustainability – Xenia Concerts Inc. achieves its mission and vision through adherence to its values while always being fiscally responsible.

Description of the Treasurer Position

The Treasurer is the Board of Director’s lead for overseeing the financial matters of Xenia Concerts Inc. In line with good practice and in accordance with the governing document and legal requirements the Treasurer reports to the Board at regular intervals about the financial health of the organization. The Treasurer ensures that effective financial measures, controls, and procedures are put in place which are appropriate for Xenia Concerts Inc.

Key Areas of Responsibility for the Treasurer

Oversee the financial matters of Xenia

  • Oversee, and present budgets, accounts, management accounts and financial statements to the Board of Directors  
  • Ensure that proper accounts and records are kept, ensuring financial resources are spent and invested in line with Xenia’s policies, good governance, legal, and regulatory requirements
  • Develop and implement financial, reserves, and investment policies   
  • Act as a counter‐signatory on Xenia cheques and any applications for funds

Assume a leadership role on board committees and initiatives related to financial matters

  • Maintain sound financial management of Xenia’s resources, ensuring expenditure is in line with Xenia’s objects.
  • Implement and monitor specific financial controls and systems are in place accordingly and adhered to.
  • Chair any finance committee in line with standing orders and terms of reference, and report back to the board of directors. Advise on the financial implications of Xenia’s strategic plan.
  • Liaise with Xenia’s Executive Director, where applicable, to ensure annual accounts are compliant with the CRA guidelines.  
  • Liaise with Xenia’s accountants and auditors where appropriate

Ensure the financial components of the T3010B Information Return are completed in an accurate and timely manner

  • Be aware of CRA policies/regulatory requirements with respect to financial compliance. 
  • Clarify confusion over financial issues related to CRA expectations to ensure financial decisions do not place Xenia in a vulnerable position for sanctions.  
  • Ensure all required financial records are available to support CRA reporting expectations and can be effectively transferred to the appropriate T3010B reporting lines.
  • Work collaboratively with other Officers and staff to ensure the T3010B is submitted to CRA in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Ensure the Board of Directors is properly involved in reviewing and approving the information related to the T3010B Information Return before submitting to CRA.  

Responsibilities of the Board

As the highest leadership body of the organization, the board is responsible for:
  • determining the mission and purposes of the organization
  • selecting and evaluating the performance of the Executive and Artistic Directors
  • strategic and organizational planning
  • ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
  • providing fundraising support and resource development in consultation with the Executive and Artistic Directors
  • approving and monitoring the organization’s programs and services
  • enhancing the organization’s public image
  • assessing its own performance as the governing body of the organization

Responsibilities of the Individual Board Member

Each individual board member is expected to:
  • know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs
  • faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements
  • serve as an active advocate and ambassador for the organization
  • fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance its mission
  • leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action that supports the organization in achieving its mission, benefits the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing, and influences public policy
  • prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings
  • participate fully in one or more committees as Chair or member
  • demonstrate a commitment to Xenia’s mission, vision, and values
  • financially support the organization at a level commensurate to their capacity to give
  • engage actively with the Executive and Artistic Directors in activities which support the ongoing success of the organization


The new Xenia Board Director will have:
  • a demonstrated commitment to Xenia’s mission, vision, and values
  • strong interpersonal skills including compassion, clear communication, respectfulness, constructive feedback, personal awareness, humour, and a positive attitude
The new Xenia Board Director should possess lived experience and/or expertise in one or more of the following key specialties:
  • Neurodiversity and disability
  • Fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Digital Marketing
An understanding of, or experience in, the following specialities will be seen as an asset:
  • Volunteer management
  • Non-profit Governance
  • Technology
  • Music Education and music literacy

How to Register:

Application Requirements

Please send a copy of your CV and a brief cover letter outlining why you are a good fit for the position to

Accessibility Statement

At all levels of the organization, Xenia Concerts promotes equal opportunity, fair treatment, and the elimination of barriers for qualified individuals with disabilities. If you require accessibility accommodations to complete the application process, please email Executive and Artistic Director Rory McLeod at or call 647-896-8295.

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