ByGone Theatre Launches Empower Your Tomorrow Webinar Series

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Empower Your Tomorrow is a free workshop series on financial and business literacy for artists from ByGone Theatre. Registration is open now for all six workshops in the series!

Hosts: Conor Fitzgerald holds an MBA from York University with a diploma in Arts, Media, and Entertainment Management, as well as a law degree. He has been the board chair and treasurer for Bygone Theatre for 7 years and has produced 7 shows in that time. Emily Dix is the Artistic Executive Director of Bygone Theatre, and has run the company for the past ten years. She has training as a paralegal and has worked as a producer in theatre and film. Adam Malcolm – IGFS, Consultant at IG Wealth Management, provides advice on financial and investment planning. Adam spent years as an actor, so brings practical advice that fits with the experience of an artist.

Bygone Theatre's Empower Your Tomorrow series is made possible by the generous support of IG Wealth Management.

Workshops will be delivered in English online via Zoom, with automatically generated closed captions. Access to a computer and internet is required. Participants are welcome to be seen on camera but this is not required. They may ask questions using their mic, or by writing in the chat (public or private). Written and visual materials will be made available prior to the workshop. Video recordings of the workshop will be added to ByGone Theatre's YouTube channel for those unable to attend live. If you have any questions, comments, or accessibility requests, please email

APRIL 13 – 3:00-4:30 ET - Intro to Financial & Business Literacy for the Arts



Join Bygone Theatre's own Conor Fitzgerald and Emily Dix and IG Wealth Management Associate Adam Malcolm for the first in their "Empower Your Tomorrow" series of webinars talking about financial & business literacy for the arts. This intro webinar will cover the basics, so you'll be able to "succeed in business without really trying." Learn the lingo, understand the structure, and be invited into the "club." This webinar is designed specifically for artists, with a focus on youth & emerging artists, newcomers, and others who haven't had an opportunity to be exposed to finance and business. All are welcome!


  • What is Money?
  • Banks, Credit Unions & Other Financial Instruments
  • Intro to budgets and other important things
  • Financial Advisors & Other Professionals
  • Challenges for Artists

APRIL 27 – 3:00-4:30 ET - Laying a Foundation – Skills & Concepts for Business & Financial Success for Artists



The big secret of business – the theory of business success is the same as finding success in relationships, mental health, daily routines, etc. It's about planning and executing. But how do you do that, especially in an industry that is constantly fluctuating, inconsistently lucrative, and so wholly tied to your sense of self? This webinar will introduce the concepts to build personal success. Starting with an introduction to "strategic thinking," a term business people use to describe "planning ahead," this webinar will explore both hard and soft skills, like budgets, tax planning, understanding negotiation and mediation skills, and some basics on marketing & communications. At the end, you'll have the foundation to build a personal brand using strategic, assertive plans.


  • What is Strategy?
  • Business & Finance Basics
  • Taxation
  • Negotiation & Mediation
  • Marketing & Communications

MAY 11 – 3:00-4:30 ET - Starting a Career as an Artist – The Money Stuff


Registration Link:

Let's get down to brass tacks – what you want to know about is money. Whether or not you believe in capitalism, money is a necessary evil. There are constantly people who ask for it for you to live. As an artist, it can be hard to secure a steady income stream long term – so how can you diversify your income streams in a thoughtful way that reduces your stress AND lets you focus on your art. There's no magic formula, but this webinar will help teach you how to budget, how to identify and build different income streams, give the basics of investing, and more. Join in for a crash course in practical thinking for an "impractical" career.


  • Budgeting (Personal)
  • Income Streams
    • From the Arts
    • From a Joe Job
    • From Grants
    • From "Passive Income"
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Finding Flexibility
  • Short & Long-Term Thinking

MAY 25 – 3:00-4:30 ET - Having Career as an Artist – The Business Stuff



How do you move from being an artist to having a career in the arts? What is the difference between you and your arts business? The concept of a "business" is a bit muddy – there are sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, non-profits, charities – we all hear the various paths to making your art be more than a series of projects and this webinar will help you decide how (and if) you want to pursue it.


  • Budgeting (Business)
  • Business entities
  • Brands & Communications
  • Contracts
  • Insurance
  • Grants (for a person & for a business)
  • More about Tax

JUNE 8 – 3:00-4:30 ET - Having Career as an Artist – The Legal Stuff



What does "legal" even mean? The law of art is a key part of your practice as an artist. Having a foundational knowledge of legal terms and concepts that you will run into in every day practice is useful, and not because you can sue people (hint – that's expensive). Learn the value of the law in managing your practice, and even your personal life.


  • Contracts Deep Dive
  • The non-legal value of contracts
  • Union collective bargaining
  • Copyright & other Intellectual Property
  • Risk – identifying, mitigating, and living with
  • Hiring Professionals (Lawyers & Accountants)

JUNE 15 – 3:00-4:30 ET - Finishing a Career as an Artist



Whether you're getting ready to settle or starting early, this webinar will discuss the nuts and bolts of retirement planning. If you're looking for tips on accessing your union RRSP, or thinking about how inconsistent income can be used for a long-term plan – Adam Malcolm has answers. If you're looking a bit further ahead, this webinar will also look at the unique planning opportunities for artists' estates. How valuable is your intellectual property? What are the benefits of posthumous donations to your favourite arts charity? These questions and more will help your peace of mind.


  • Retirement Planning
    • What if you haven't planned?
  • Estate Planning (with a lawyer, ideally)
    • Copyrights & Estates
    • Archives & Museums
    • Donations to charity

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