A happy and relaxed holiday to all….

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One of the perks in the arts and culture community (for most although regretfully not all) is a generally excepted slow down over the holidays. For us at WorkInCulture there are no grant deadlines, no meetings, no presentations, no courses to be delivered … a small oasis in a hectic year.

Many of us will be using up vacation time to create a longer break … and that is a healthy thing to do. I find that time away from the job allows me to recharge and, in the New Year, bring back renewed enthusiasm and often some new thinking on how to move forward.

I don’t think things are going to get easier for us financially over the next few years. In fact I am afraid of more cuts and fewer funding opportunities. With that in mind, it makes sense to bring our best, most innovative thoughts to bear on how we can best serve the cultural workforce working with what we have.

So over the holidays, while I am not consciously thinking about work, I have told my subconscious to be busy working on the following three big questions:

• What new and mutually beneficial partnerships can we explore that will enhance business skills training and make the best use of limited resources?
• How can we align with funders’ goals so that we can achieve both ours and theirs?
• How can we raise awareness of the power and impact of business skills training for the cultural workforce on a minuscule budget?

Here’s hoping that my relaxed brain comes up with some ideas! And if any of you out there want to contribute some thoughts of your own, please let us know.

And finally I want to wish our terrific Marketing Intern, Andrew Sutherland, the very best. He has done a great job of helping us through the launch of our redesigned website and our use of social media. He is  starting a new job in the New Year and we know he will go on to do great thing. Thanks Andrew.

Happy Holidays

Diane Davy
Executive Director

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