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Children play around City of Halifax pump in Africville.
Children play around City of Halifax pump in Africville. Library and Archives Canada. Photo: Atlantic Books Today

WorkInCulture stands with the Black community in the US, Canada, and across the world. We stand with Black artists, creatives, cultural workers and community members. 

We acknowledge that it is not enough to share a black square and say Black Lives Matter, but to do the work of unlearning anti-black racism and understanding that this is a systemic and institutional issue.

We acknowledge that #TheShowMustBePaused #BlackOutTuesday goes beyond June 2, 2020. It is about educating ourselves on ways to support systemic reform for the future.

It’s about uplifting the voices of Black people and the community. It's about how we can support and influence a change in policies, laws and systems that negatively impact the lives of Black people.

WorkInCulture will continue to do this work internally and as we collaborate with partners in the arts, cultural and creative sector. 

Visit the following resources for ways to help, donate and support the Black Lives Matter movement:


About the photograph: Africville National Historic Site of Canada is a site of remembrance for Halifax’s African Canadian community. Once the location of a historic Black community, the houses were demolished in the 1960s and the land converted into municipally owned Seaview Park. (Parks Canada)

Why Africville: Instead of using a black square as part of the #blackouttuesday that happened on June, 2, 2020, we selected a photograph of Africville to highlight Black Canadian history and an example of anti-black racism. 

Learn more about Afriville and anti-black racism in Canada:
Race and Place: How Racism Shapes Our Cities
Africville National Historic Site of Canada
Africville named historic site in Halifax

We can make the change by starting to be kind ourselves.
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Nice to see these kids play. I hope there will be equality for all.
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It does matter a lot. In fact, all lives matter.
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Humanity should be restored. We should make everyone's life matter.
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Lets end racism, there should never be a place to racist people in this world.
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How long will we suffer from this racism? The discrimination should stop now because all of us might hurt by this ideology.
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Let us all support this cause. Let us end the war. Let us build peace and harmony.
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All lives matter, not just the black ones.
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