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Children play around City of Halifax pump in Africville.
Children play around City of Halifax pump in Africville. Library and Archives Canada. Photo: Atlantic Books Today

WorkInCulture stands with the Black community in the US, Canada, and across the world. We stand with Black artists, creatives, cultural workers and community members. 

We acknowledge that it is not enough to share a black square and say Black Lives Matter, but to do the work of unlearning anti-black racism and understanding that this is a systemic and institutional issue.

We acknowledge that #TheShowMustBePaused #BlackOutTuesday goes beyond June 2, 2020. It is about educating ourselves on ways to support systemic reform for the future.

It’s about uplifting the voices of Black people and the community. It's about how we can support and influence a change in policies, laws and systems that negatively impact the lives of Black people.

WorkInCulture will continue to do this work internally and as we collaborate with partners in the arts, cultural and creative sector. 

Visit the following resources for ways to help, donate and support the Black Lives Matter movement:


About the photograph: Africville National Historic Site of Canada is a site of remembrance for Halifax’s African Canadian community. Once the location of a historic Black community, the houses were demolished in the 1960s and the land converted into municipally owned Seaview Park. (Parks Canada)

Why Africville: Instead of using a black square as part of the #blackouttuesday that happened on June, 2, 2020, we selected a photograph of Africville to highlight Black Canadian history and an example of anti-black racism. 

Learn more about Afriville and anti-black racism in Canada:
Race and Place: How Racism Shapes Our Cities
Africville National Historic Site of Canada
Africville named historic site in Halifax

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Every life matter. Race, nationality, or even personality oes do not matter as long as we're talking about people's lives. We are all inhabitants of the earth and are all alive. Let's learn to respect each other. Thanks for this post!
2021-05-03 5:05:33 AM
It shouldn't be a movement, it should be a culture. We're living in the 21st century, people.
2021-04-30 5:09:56 AM
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2021-04-26 7:55:35 AM
What happened to Regis was a tragedy. Movements like these aren't established for violence, nor revenge, nor strife, but for preventing similar happenings in the future.
2021-04-26 6:53:15 AM
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Great post! Raising awareness on these kinds of issues is always a good thing. Great job!
2021-04-22 6:41:56 AM
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We are so glad about the recent verdict against the police officer.
2021-04-22 5:24:54 AM
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It’s about uplifting the voices of Black people and the community. It's about how we can support and influence a change in policies, laws and systems that negatively impact the lives of Black people.
2021-04-22 5:18:35 AM
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This is absolutely important work. The awareness is really crucial. Thank you so much for this article and the links. I am going to dig in and really take a look. BLM
2021-04-21 9:09:16 PM
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I am a big supporter of any minority group. Why can't some people understand that no matter what race or colour you are, everyone is still human and has equal rights. I do hope the situation gets better soon.
2021-04-21 7:21:39 AM
I've been to Halifax years ago with my late husband. It was such a peaceful place. I miss it.
2021-04-20 9:59:26 AM
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I Always love a business that supports every color. As a fellow business owner, there should be no prejudice or racism in our industry. Great post! Kudos to the team!
2021-04-20 6:37:35 AM
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In fact, every life matters not only black.
2021-04-20 12:04:25 AM
Look how the tables have turned. This BLM movement has made them feel invulnerable. It's the Asians that are being terrorized now. What a shame.
2021-04-19 6:57:40 AM
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Thanks for every other excellent article.
2021-04-16 8:33:26 AM
I'm very happy to see WorkInCulture collaborating with the people in the arts, creativity, and cultural sector.
2021-04-16 7:14:23 AM
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In today's world, if we all are able to respect and know about other cultures, and respect their values and beliefs, life would be easier for most of us, and we can learn a lot of good things from each other.
2021-04-15 8:33:36 PM
Thank you for sharing those links. I'm forwarding them to my whole team so every will have a chance to participate in this movement, and I'm pretty sure most, if not all, will.
2021-04-15 5:33:22 AM
It's glad to know that my favorite blog will support the colored man and the minorities. Cheers.
2021-04-15 5:02:36 AM
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WorkInCulture really did a great job on making this kind of movement happens.
2021-04-09 7:45:07 AM
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This is a great help for us respecting black people. We should never make an issue of being black or white. We respect each other and help each other.
2021-04-05 11:23:49 AM
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I totally agree with this article. No matter what race our country you are from, we're all still humans, we're all equal. It breaks my heart how some people can't understand this concept.
2021-04-05 7:14:57 AM
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It's good to see you have a presence in Canada too! What you're doing is so important to the BLM movement. Thank you.
2021-04-04 11:19:54 AM
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As a black man I am so thankful you posted this!
2021-04-03 6:55:36 PM
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Wow this is very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing!
2021-04-02 3:07:16 PM
I agree with this! Blacks are also human and they deserve respect. We need to build more anti-discrimination and equally treat others with equal respect. Thank you for sharing this!
2021-04-01 5:47:25 AM
This is one of the most incredible article I've read in a really long time. I hope you update this blog often because I’m anxious to read more.
2021-02-21 10:51:48 PM
How long will we suffer from this racism? The discrimination should stop now because all of us might hurt by this ideology.
2021-02-19 11:44:09 AM
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