AV & Production Manager

Date Posted: Oct 16, 2020
Application Deadline: Oct 28, 2020
Start Date: Nov 02, 2020

Salary From: 20K To 20k
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: N/A
Organization's Field/Discipline: The Arts
Job's focus: Creative
Job Type: Part-time
Career Level: Doesn’t apply

Organization Description


Arraymusic’s mission is to ignite and sustain a passion for contemporary Canadian musical art within an international, interdisciplinary context. Founded in 1972 by a collective of student composers from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, Arraymusic has evolved over the past several decades to become one of the principal contemporary music organizations in Canada, presenting new and recent works by Canadian and international composers and fostering a creative community through its Array Space.

Three inter-related programs define what Array does, why we do it, and how we realise our artistic, organizational, and community-based goals:

1) The Array Contemporary Music Program creates and presents new works by commissioning, performing, and collaborating with leading and emerging composers and artistic partners.

2) The Array Creative Music Hub provides a supportive platform for a diverse community of voices through our management of The Array Space - our 1000 square foot multi-use performance and recording venue.

3) The ‘Array For All’ Program pursues innovative and inclusive community programming with initiatives to delight and develop audiences of all ages.

Arraymusic situates its creative activities in a cultural context that goes beyond traditional definitions of contemporary classical music. We see our creative endeavours as in conversation with the pursuits of everyone who uses the Space, our resident organizations, key artistic partners and and those many who rent our Space for all manner of events (not only musical). Our activities are part of a global conversation, which has driven us to be at the forefront of web-based initiatives, live-streaming events, and making audio-visual records of our and our partners’ work available online through ArrayTV. It is in the context of this diverse set of cultural enterprises that Arraymusic works to bring its own artistic vision to audiences near and far.

Job Description

Arraymusic is looking to hire a part-time AV & Production Manager to oversee all audio/video production activities at The Array Space. Reporting to the Artistic Director, this half-time position will serve as Arraymusic’s in-house videographer and audio engineer: managing live sound, recording, live-streaming, and editing/post-production for all Array produced events, and offering these services to Arraymusic's renters.
The successful candidate will be a team player and a highly organized independent operator with a background in audio and video recording engineering, live sound engineering, and post-production. Knowledge of current live-streaming technologies is highly beneficial.

Communication skills and an interest in contemporary music, art, and theatre is crucial, as the ideal candidate will be working closely with diverse Arraymusic artists, renters, resident ensembles, and all users of the space to record and broadcast their events.
The position represents a unique opportunity to work in one of Canada’s leading contemporary music organizations, and to work closely with a wide range of Toronto, Canadian, and international artists in a fast-paced creative environment.
Special note re. COVID-19: Arraymusic staff is currently working from home, but we will begin to reopen our space for limited rental use beginning November 2020 with a strict set of safety protocols. While work from home is encouraged as much as possible for the foreseeable future, the AV & Production Manager will be required to enter the space to set-up for/tear down and record/livestream, performances, and/or to edit recordings. However, our strict rental, production, and cleaning schedule for the 2020|21 season is designed to ensure limited direct contact with other users and a sanitized space to support and promote everyone’s safety.
1.      Audio/Video Recording, Streaming, Editing and Distribution
A typical day will consist of checking the production calendar for upcoming projects, setting up, shooting and cleaning up of project, transferring and backing up digital project assets, editing projects, and preparing deliverables for the client, Vimeo, ArrayTV etc.
If there is an upcoming production, liaise with Artistic Director or House Manager to ensure that the client has been contacted, they have been given the tech intro forms, that a tech meeting is scheduled and completed before the production, all tech required is in good working order, and a production tech schedule is planned.
·       Organize additional production staff as needed.
·       Keep abreast of best practices and train with other professionals when made available.
·       Record concerts at The Array Space and other venues (approved by AD and Executive Director/ED within board-approved policies) and oversee (with AD) the continued creation of professional quality video content for Array’s digital platform(s).
·       Run live audio for concerts at The Array Space.
·       Continue to examine/make recommendations to ensure Array’s technical approach is robust and cost-effective.
·       Assist in managing ArrayTV.com;
·       Where appropriate, provide training on the use of Array’s gear.
·       Ensure Array’s data is backed up and secure and offer general technical support as needed.
·       Ensure technician support team is hired and trained when needed to support the AV & Production Manager in large scale, or over time situations; and/or advise the House Manager when their assistance is needed (and informing the ED).
·       Support artistic associates with technical needs and be available for consulting as needed.
2.  Technical Management - Maintenance of Equipment and Instruments
Assist House Manager in maintaining audio/visual equipment and instruments as needed (inventory, identifying/repairing damaged equipment, digital storage space, etc.).
·       Pianos (including scheduling tunings)
·       Percussion instruments
·       PA (mics, cables, stands, monitor, etc.) and sound boardmusic
·       Cameras, Blackmagic Deck and Sony Switcher
·       Projectors, HDMI cables, Splitter, projector switcher, screen
·       iMac with Final Cut Pro, Compressor Digital Performer and Protocols
·       Identify when equipment is outdated or needs replacement; research best available options for approvals; liaise with House Manager for purchase and installation


Required: Familiarity with digital video and audio software such as Final Cut Pro, Compressor Digital Performer, Protools, Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton Live, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Audition, After Effects, Premiere, and Media Encoder 2020.

Additional Info:


Equity s the single most important challenge in today’s contemporary music scene, and our work as artists, artistic directors, and curators cannot be separated from the social and political contexts in which we all live and create. Arraymusic has committed to an Equity Action Plan to address this challenge.


www.facebook.com/Arraymusic www.instagram.com/explore/locations/254884335/arraymusic/   


How to Apply:


Email résumé and references, with the subject line ‘AV & PRODUCTION MANAGER JOB’, to:
Sandra Bell, Executive Director, Arraymusic

COVID-19 Resources
There are many supports and financial relief for artists, creatives, and cultural workers at this time. You can find them on our FYI page.


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