Assistant to Classical and Jazz Pianist

Date Posted: Feb 10, 2020
Application Deadline: Feb 25, 2020
Start Date: Mar 01, 2020

Hourly From: $15/hr To $25/hr
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: N/A
Organization's Field/Discipline: The Arts
Job's focus: Administrative
Job Type: Contract
Career Level: Entry level/ intern

Organization Description

Michael Arnowitt

Pianist, composer, and event organizer Michael Arnowitt is one of the most creative musicians of today. His imaginative musical landscapes and extraordinary sense of touch at the piano have delighted audiences in concert halls around the world, from his home base in Vermont and Toronto to Korea, Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. His life and music is the subject of a documentary film, Beyond 88 Keys (2004), filmed in both the United States and Europe. In October of 2020 he will be performing a 10-day concert tour of China with the guitarist Steve Blair.

In 1989 Michael Arnowitt began his novel, 26-year long presentation of the complete 32 Beethoven piano sonatas, matching up his age as he performed the various sonatas with Beethoven's age as Beethoven composed them. The eight concerts in the series, spaced out over 26 years, became a study in the psychology of aging and development.

His past creative projects have included “If Music Be the Food of Love,” a performance of classical and jazz music about food with the simultaneous serving to the audience of the food tastes that inspired the composers, and a collaboration combining his piano improvisations with the live creation of paintings on stage by visual artists. In 2013, Michael Arnowitt’s composition Haiku Textures for three cello soloists and orchestra was premiered, the three cellos symbolizing the three lines of a Japanese haiku poem. His newest recording is “Sweet Spontaneous,” a 2-CD set of 14 of his jazz compositions.

Michael Arnowitt has also distinguished himself as an event organizer. In September 2000, he was the artistic director of the Vermont Millennium Music Festival, whose concept was to present in chronological order music from the year 1000 to the year 2000. An extraordinary chronicle of the music and culture of the past thousand years, the festival’s 24 concerts and special events created over a 4-day span an effect akin to time-lapse photography.

Michael Arnowitt has also been the principal organizer of a number of large-scale fundraisers for humanitarian aid, among them an April 1999 benefit concert for Balkan war refugees that raised over $10,000 and collected clothing and 300 emergency first aid  kits for the refugee camps. In 2016 he organized a benefit concert for Syrian refugees, creating a special program surveying Syria’s diverse cultures, with thirty performers including an orchestra and chorus presenting Syrian secular and sacred music, poetry, short stories, and drama.


Job Description

My name is Michael Arnowitt. I am a classical and jazz pianist who recently moved to Toronto from Montpelier, Vermont in the United States. I have been a full-time working professional performer for 35 years, and during my career I have done seven international tours in Europe and Asia and have organized many interesting creative projects. I am legally blind and am wishing to hire part-time help to work with me in my home office near Runnymede and Annette in the West End of Toronto for these two needs:

1. General office assistant. Various clerical tasks to help my music business, including finding or reshelving items, reading mail and other papers in the office , working together with me at the computer,  online information lookup, filling out forms, addressing envelopes, light  proofreading of promotional pieces, and accompanying me on the occasional local errand.

2. A person to help me with my marketing outreach to concert organizations and live music venues.


1. Special preference will be given to applicants who can read and understand the layout of printed music, although this skill is not required to apply for this position.
Desired traits would be good eyesight, attention to detail, focus while working, ability to scan and summarize text, efficiency with looking up information, understanding of how websites are structured, fluency with using a computer mouse, comfort with reading aloud, and an interest in the arts.

2. This position involves promotional writing, telephoning, and networking skills.


Additional Info:

Both needs detailed in #1 and #2 above will involve about 12 to 16 hours/week each, with some scheduling flexibility. For a person with the right skill set, I would consider hiring one person to take on both the office and marketing assistant needs, or they could be done by two different people.  Start date ASAP but willing to be flexible.

How to Apply:

To be considered, please send an email introducing yourself to along with a resume of past work/volunteer experience and education, and two writing samples, one in a more casual writing style and one in a more formal writing style.


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