Date Posted: Aug 27, 2019

Salary Range: 40K - 60K
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: Health, Pension, Other (e.g. flex time, comp tickets, etc.)
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Organization's Field/Discipline: Business
Job's focus: Creative & Administrative
Job Type: Full-time
Career Level: Middle management

Organization Description

Second City
The world's premier comedy club, comedy theatre and school of improvisation. Live shows every night in Chicago, Toronto & Hollywood.

Job Description

Position Summary:  
The General Manager for the Toronto Training Centre is the main lead on items related to Programming, Student Services, Facilities & Safety.

This is a full-time position reporting to the Vice President of the Training Centre. 

Location Management Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the Student & Faculty Liaison, including any necessary payroll or new hire approvals
  • Ensure compliance with student waivers for legal reasons
  • Preparation and oversight of the annual budget in coordination with the VP of Training Centres with input from Associate Artistic Director and Artistic Director 
  • Serve as first point of contact in the event of any emergency or medical situations in the Training Centre
  • Supervise the purchasing & installation of new interior projects (with any necessary budget approvals)
  • Assist Student and Faculty Liaison in the payment plans & financial needs of all students
  • In coordination with the Associate Artistic Director, run quarterly Safety meetings for faculty & staff, including
    • First Aid certification
    • Evacuation training
    • Harassment training
  • Implement strategies to evaluate and monitor progress / success of part-time administrative staff
  • ​Contracts and Invoices for any special projects

Programming Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create term Schedules, Manage wait list & wish list, and cancel or add classes as-needed to maximize space utilization and revenue
  • Coordinate with marketing to promote under-performing & specialty classes
  • Intensive organization, room and teacher assignments, adding sections, splitting classes
    • Contact intensive students with info prior to the start of their class
  • Student communication regarding room & teacher assignments or changes
  • Source off-site or alternative spaces as necessary
  • Coordinate with Artistic Director & Associate Artistic Director in assigning teachers to classes
  • Handle special cases with faculty regarding class make-ups and rescheduling (over-enrolling, etc)
  • Scheduling of new course programming with teachers and Associate Artistic Director


Previous experience in in Arts Administration, Buisness Administration, or Education 
Extensive knowledge of the Toronto improv and comedy community 

Additional Info:

The Second City is an open, inclusive workplace and welcome applicants who bring along with them diverse life experiences, including every permutation of economic and cultural backgrounds, orientation, ethnicity and points of view. We strive to continue our efforts to work with people who may otherwise be marginalized or underrepresented in our business and around our community.

How to Apply:

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