House & Production Manager

Date Posted: Sep 21, 2022
Application Deadline: Sep 29, 2022
Start Date: Oct 03, 2022

Salary From: 45K To 45K
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: N/A
Organization's Field/Discipline: The Arts
Job's focus: Creative & Administrative
Job Type: Full-time
Career Level: Middle management

Organization Description


Arraymusic's mission is to ignite and sustain a passion for contemporary Canadian musical art within an equitable, international, interdisciplinary context. 

Three interrelated programs define what Array does, why we do it and how we realize our artistic, organizational, and community-based goals:

  1. Array’s Contemporary Music Program produces, presents and supports diverse work on the cutting edges of current musical/sound art practice;
  2. Array’s Creative Music Hub utilizes the Array Space to foster a thriving, inclusive contemporary music and art scene; and
  3. Array For All engages diverse and equity seeking audiences through innovative programs.

Arraymusic believes that experiencing art can give rise to real change and that if one engages with art fully, subtle but profound positive transformations can take place that positvely impact communities and our lives. Arraymusic is devoted to co-creating and presenting speculative new music—music that creates more questions than answers (for both the musicians involved and for listeners).

By sharing music that finds wonder in the discovery of the unexpected, the imagination is stimulated, questions are asked, alternative ways of thinking are considered, and a sharing of ideas takes place. Arraymusic is devoted to presenting music that draws listeners in, and encourages them to embrace musical experiences as experimental (both words derived from the Latin root expiri—‘to try’) and know that they are active, co-creative participants in the experience. Music focused on this kind of productive interaction is not confined to any style, methodology or genre. Arraymusic embraces and nurtures work that is radically in-between.

Progressively, Array situates its creative activities in a cultural context that goes beyond traditional definitions of contemporary classical music. We acknowledge that Arraymusic continues to benefit from the historical privileging of European art forms and the systematic suppression of marginalized voices, and we are committed to continuing to address inequity in all aspects of our programming and organization. 

One critical aspect of this broadening of context is the ongoing development of the Array Space as a creative hub. We see our creative endeavours as being very much in conversation with the pursuits of the many diverse community members who use the Space, our Resident Artist organizations, key artistic and outreach program partners, and those many artists who rent our Space for all manner of arts activities (not only musical). The Array Space BIPOC Access Program supports artists as they rehearse, teach, record and present their work at The Array Space, and we actively seek out Black, Indigenous, non-Black people of colour, LGBTQ2S+, and Deaf, Disabled, and Mad composers, and prioritize the inclusion of their works in our programs.

We also see our activities as part of a global conversation, which has driven us to be at the forefront of web-based initiatives, live-streaming of our events, and making audio-visual records of our and our partners’ work available online. It is in the context of these extremely diverse sets of cultural enterprises that Array works to bring its own artistic vision to fruition.

Job Description



This key position at Arraymusic presents a unique opportunity to work with one of Canada’s leading contemporary music organizations and a diverse range of performing artists in a fast-paced creative environment.

Arraymusic is hiring a full-time House & Production Manager to oversee its Array Space, bookings & rentals, social media, Array-produced concert productions, and audio/video work.

A vital part of Array’s team, the House & Production Manager carries out two key functions:

  1. Manages the Array Space, its activities and rental clients, including social media; and
  2. Manages events’ production and livestreaming.

As part of Arraymusic’s commitment to equity, hiring priority will be given to qualified individuals who identify as Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour.

House Management Responsibilities:

The House Manager is responsible for maintaining Array’s space, equipment and instruments throughout the artistic season, and oversees the daily activities in the space. Managing all rentals from start to finish, including invoicing and payment tracking, The House Manager also assists in event production, posts on social media and tracks results and carries out other duties as required, includes

Production (& Audio Visual) Responsibilities:

The House & Production Manager delivers – and manages qualified contractors who deliver – live sound, recording, live-streaming, and editing/post-production for Array-produced events and offers these services to Array Space renters as a key function of the job.



SALARY: $45,000 / year (40-hour week).

EQUITY: Equity is the single most important challenge in today’s contemporary music scene, and our work as artists, artistic directors, and curators cannot be separated from the social and political contexts in which we all live and create. Arraymusic has committed to an Equity Action Plan to address this challenge.


The successful candidate will be a team player and well-organized independent operator who enjoys technologies and learning new skills, and possesses the ability to work in to solve problems on-the-fly. Strong communication skills, diplomacy, experience with concert productions and/or venue management, knowledge of social media, an interest in contemporary music and/or art, and technology/production skills, are beneficial as the successful candidate will fulfill a range of administrative, production, and technological duties.

The successful candidate likely has a background in venue and/or concert management, audio and video recording engineering, live sound engineering, and/or post-production with some knowledge of current live-streaming technologies and a willingness to learn on the job.

Additional Info:



How to Apply:

Email résumé and references, with the subject line ‘HOUSE & PRODUCTION MANAGER’, to: Sandra Bell, Executive Director, Arraymusic, by September 29, 2022. 

NOTE: Due to large volumns of applications only successful candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. We thank you in advance for your submission to Arraymusic.

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