Operations & Finance Manager

Date Posted: Aug 19, 2019
Application Deadline: Sep 30, 2019
Start Date: Aug 20, 2019

Salary Range: 60K - 80K
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: N/A
Organization's Field/Discipline: The Arts
Job's focus: Administrative
Job Type: Full-time
Career Level: Middle management

Organization Description

Randolph College for the Performing Arts

In the 25 years since its founding, the Randolph College has been a part of every major musical theatre event in Toronto, from the pre-Broadway runs of Ragtime and Fosse to the North American premieres of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of Oz and Dirty Dancing, and Mirvish Productions The Sound of Music. The Randolph College was established during the mega-musical revolution in Canada, at the time giving rise to a new breed of performer able to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and dynamic industry. Distinguished faculty and entertainment industry professionals shape Triple Threat™ skills of dancing, acting, and singing in an accredited college program.

Job Description

The Operations & Finance Manager has full responsibility for efficient, effective and sustainable day to day operations of the business, working with the senior team to design and implement strategy, operations and performance by integrating non-financial and financial results to direct our continued growth and profitability.
This role operates as a transformation agent, mediating divergent points of view within the organization to best position the company as a healthy and vibrant industry leader in the marketplace. This position reports to the Executive Director.

1.    Operational Management & Efficiency
  • Establishes, reviews and adjusts organizational structure within their mandate to maximize team and individual contributions, enhancing personal development and ensuring achievement of business goals
  • Reviews and assesses the merits of all recommendations focused on improving operational standards, efficiencies and results
  • Determines and manages the most efficient internal processes to deliver to customers, staff and management on mission
  • Reviews and develops operational policies and procedures, ensuring that processes accommodate change as we evolve
  • Sets, maintains and actively promotes high standards for company operations and services
  • Recommends operational improvements and opportunities for cost efficiencies
  • Communicates in a timely fashion with the Board of Directors on material financial and accounting matters affecting the company
  • Oversee and manage the Registrar Office, , Reception, Finance, IT, and Production
2.    Financial Management
  • Establishes and maintains a sound financial structure ensuring the health of the organization today and into the future
  • Provides appropriate resources, technology and training to the financial department
  • Clearly communicates financial targets and holds stakeholders accountable to provide exceptional financial management, cost control and results
  • Prepares and presents budgets for approval as required
  • Total profitability (P&L, cash flow, and budget) management including gaining a thorough understanding of corporate costs, forecasting/targets, tracking financial results (budget versus actual), gap analysis & recommendations and cash flow management. Awareness and management of resources, production and internal capacity on all projects
  • Works with the finance team and external accountants to prepare monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements and related tax returns for the company
  • Liaison with our Partners on all financial matters, providing required reporting related to cash management, future tax planning, monthly financial reporting and risk management.
  • Ensures accounting systems are compatible with the business operations and appropriate financial guidelines are established
  • Ensures appropriate and timely disclosure of material financial information
  • Optimizes margins for sustainable, long term growth
  1. Risk Management
  • Ensures proper systems are in place to identify and manage business risks
  • Ensures accuracy, completeness, integrity and appropriate disclosure of financial statements and other financial information
  • Establishes and maintains disclosure controls/procedures and internal controls over financial reporting
  • Reviews and approves relevant contracts/legal documents in advance of signature and issue
  • Ensures appropriate coverage is in place to protect against all areas of possible liability
  1. Strategic Planning
  • Supplier/Resource Management: Reviews and approves external service resources and contracts (managing where appropriate)
  • Contributes to overall corporate & client operational decisions and strategic planning as part of the Senior Team
  • Participates in the development of and updates to the company's business plan
  1. People Management/Corporate Leadership
  • Works closely with the ED to provide leadership in setting the mission, vision, principals, values, strategic plan and annual operating plan of the company
  • Provides financial leadership to manage the company in the best interests of its stakeholders, providing direction, guidance, training and support to our staff in general on elements of financial management related to their areas of focus
  • Ensures that reports are working within relevant position descriptions and individual performance objectives aligned with departmental & corporate goals.  Measures individual performance by providing balanced and constructive feedback on progress and preparing a written review on a semi-annual basis.  Recommends and supports personal development plans and career growth
  • Demonstrates Senior-level People Management skills in all interactions with employees; leading by example, motivating, exhibiting respect, acknowledging strengths, actively listening, challenging assumptions and initiating difficult conversations, being accountable and a problem solver
  1. Infrastructure, Communications & IT
  • Oversee and maintain PCC and ISP Designation, Renewal and Registration annually (in collaboration with the ED)
  • Integrates and coordinates both existing and new programs/initiatives into organizational workflows to increase operational efficiencies and maximize employee productivity (eg. Campus Login, Jackrabbit, Skedda, etc)
  • Provides accurate, timely and relevant reporting information to the ED, the Board of Directors, and other parties as required enabling effective planning & decision making
  • Oversee the planning, installation, and maintenance of computer systems and software
  • Organizational point of contact for IT suppliers and contacts
  • Manage all day-to-day administration; works with Executive Director and Artistic Director as well as other staff to ensure effective operations of the timely accomplishments of goals, task and projects


  • Managing & Developing People
  • Business/Job Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Analytical & Financial Ability
  • Business Savvy
  • Communication Skills
  • Strategic Thinking & Intellectual Ability
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Continuous Improvement & Quality Control
  • Team Building & Spirit
  • 5+ years related industry experience in a comparable position
  • 7+ years general management/operational experience
  • Adept in software applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Post Secondary Education (Business, Finance)

Additional Info:

Randolph College for the Performing Arts is an equal-opportunity employer, committed to reflecting our city’s and country’s diversity. We encourage Canadians of all backgrounds to apply.

How to Apply:

Please submit your application by emailing your cover letter and résumé to humanresources@randolphcollege.ca


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