Our research highlights the social and economic impact of the creative community, and identifies our sector's business skills/training gaps and needs.  We are commited to providing our community with the most relevant and up-to-date information on trends and issues concerning our sector.


2022 WorkInCulture JobBoard Trend Report
Learn about the kinds of positions that were posted for arts, creative and cultural workers over the last year and explore 2022 trends on the JobBoard, including:⁠ job type (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.); job focus; career level; benefits offered; location of jobs; type of pay; salary and hourly ranges; and more! ⁠

Front cover of reportNavigating a Career in the Arts For Newcomers
This report summarizes the findings of a series of expert interviews and community roundtables exploring the needs and expectations of new Canadian and immigrant artists and arts professionals. Based on these findings, WorkInCulture makes several recommendations for how we might continue to deepen conversations and take action that will lead towards sustainable, community-led, and cross-sector transformation for new Canadian and immigrant arts professionals.

Front cover of reportJurisdictional Scan: Precarity and Arts Funding Policies and Programs
Fair pay has become part of the agenda and policies of arts funders in many jurisdictions in
recent years. The major public arts funders in Ontario have yet to adopt strong policies
requiring funded organizations to pay artists fairly for their work.

Front page of the reportEnvironmental Scan: Precarity for Artists and Cultural Workers
WorkInCulture has engaged Consulting Matrix to conduct an environmental scan on the subject of precarity among artists and cultural workers. The environmental scan has two components: first, a review of the policy and legislative environment surrounding the issue as it affects artists and cultural workers in Ontario; and second, an inter-jurisdictional scan covering counter-measures to precarity that have been implemented in other jurisdictions.


Image of the cover of the report that includes WIC logo and circular icon with lines going throughAn Initial Feasibility Study for Developing an Ontario Culture Sector
Labour Market Inforamation Panel

A follow up from our MIW report to explore alternative approaches – such as panels - that could be less resource-intense for WIC to support as an organization, and simultaneously provide it with the ability to publish more timely LMI data about the culture sector.

MIW-Cover.PNGMakingItWork: Pathways Toward Sustainable Cultural Careers
MakingItWork is an in-depth look at the experience of workers and employers in the arts, culture, heritage and library sector in Ontario. This project is supported by the Government of Ontario.

Cover Page of Hubs ReportHubs Report
Through consultation with hubs representatives and experts, we were able to identify: a broad selection of hubs that currently exist to support the culture sector through business training, the role hubs play in the sector's business development, and the elements that indicate a successful hub. This research was possible due to the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Ontario Arts Council. Visit the map to see where hubs are located.


Untitled-design-(2).jpgLabour Market Insights in Ontario's Cultural Industries

Our labour market insights research project was completed in association with Nordicity and made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC). This report identifies opportunities and challenges that face the cultural employment sector of our province and where/how culture-based career skills are most employed.


Skills for Success - Business Skills for the Creative Community (Full Report)

With support from Employment Ontario (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) under the Labour Market Partnerships Program, the Skills for Success Report identified business skills needs and priorities in four main city hubs in Ontario's arts and cultural sector (Kingston, Guelph, Sudbury and Toronto/GTA).


Cultural Industries Leadership Mentoring Program Evaluation
Helpful research from Nordicity looking at the impact on both mentors and mentorees in WorkInCulture's Cultural Industries Leadership Mentoring Pilot, supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation's Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund.

Skills Check InRead the report on WorkInCulture's recent survey of artists in Ontario about employment issues and business skill needs.

The Mentoring ProjectOur final report on this pilot program supporting the career development of artists.

In-Career Business Skills Training for Cultural Workers: Our final report on national and international best practices.

Chart of Selected Best Practices: Fact sheet on National and International Best Practices: In-Career Business Skills Training for Cultural Workers.

Enriching your Work In Culture: Professional development in Ontario's cultural sector, a qualitative and quantitative report.

Professional Development in Ontario's Cultural Sector: Qualitative research report.

Peer Learning Circle Report - March 2008: The peer learning circle model applied to arts managers

Peer Learning Circle Report - January 2010Testing the effectiveness of the  peer learning circle across the cultural workforce

Report on Training Needs: Phase II of WorkInCulture's report on training needs and resources for Ontario's cultural sector. Looks at significant skill gaps relevant to WorkInCulture's mandate, with recommendations for further action.