Here are some tips and tools to help you build your careers as you are job searching, changing careers, or starting out as an emerging professional. Although some of the following tips and tools are created for employers/HR professionals - they will also come in handy for job searchers.

Job Searching Basics

ROAD MAP: Job Searching
ROAD MAP: Preparing for Interviews
ROAD MAP: Post Interviews - Now what?
QUICK TIPS: For Surviving or Thriving in Difficult Times
QUICK TIPS: Strengthening Your Resilience
QUICK TIPS: Telephone Pre Interview Screening Questions
QUICK TIPS: Eight Simple Rules for Succeeding in Your New Job or Internship
QUICK TIPS: Reference Checks
QUICK TIPS: Negotiating
HR TOOLS: Recruiting the Right People (page 15, 17)
WEBINAR: Job Hunting in the Arts: Guide to Getting Hired