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Volunteers - Fall for Dance North

Fall for Dance North Inc.

Toronto area Volunteer Opportunities In-Person Sep 01, 2022
"How to Talk to People About Things" - A course in communication skills with Misha Glouberman

Misha Glouberman

Zoom Training (e.g. workshops, courses, etc.) Online Oct 05, 2022
"T.O. indie" Film Festival

T.O. indie Film Festival

Carlton Cinema Volunteer Opportunities In-Person Sep 15, 2022
Feisty Freelancer Shortcut to Writing

Feisty Freelancer

  Training (e.g. workshops, courses, etc.) Online Jul 19, 2022

COVID-19 Resources

There are many supports and financial relief for artists, creatives, and cultural workers at this time. You can find them on our FYI page.

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The DiscoveryBoard  connects arts and culture workers with skills training and career development opportunities across Canada.

Postings are $30 + HST.

Find career development opportunities across Canada such as:

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  • Workshops/ Courses
  • Call for submissions
  • Conferences/Symposiums
  • Artist Residencies 
  • Board Member opportunities