Photoshop Instructor

  • Full Time
  • Independent Contractor
  • downtown Toronto
  • On site
  • $40.00

CMU College of Makeup Art and Design

CMU has prepared more than 5000 artists for exciting careers in film & television, fashion, theatre, and digital and special effects. We are sought out by creative minds across North America and around the globe. Our makeup courses are taught by award-winning instructors in an intimate classroom setting. We are the only makeup school that offers courses in all 8 disciplines of makeup artistry: fashion, hairstyling, film & television, theatre, prosthetics, creature & character design, digital sculpting, and Photoshop (computer-aided makeup).


The instructor is responsible for teaching and managing the day-to-day activities of the classroom in the area of Photoshop art and editing. 


  • Demonstrate, instruct and monitor students in the following skills: 
    • PS Basics, Selection, Brush, Filters 
    • Retouching tools/techniques 
    • Portrait Special Effects 
    • Photo Retouching and Restoration 
    • Magazine Photo Retouching 
    • Levels, Curves, Adjust Menu 
    • Colours, Theory and Illustration Techniques 
    • Printing Texture Maps for 3d 
    • Concept Art (2 days) Oversee classroom equipment needs and ordering.  
  • Deliver, review and update course content to reflect changes within the industry.  
  • Ensure compliance with CMU College Policies and Procedures.  
  • Supervise the daily class and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.  
  • Lecture and demonstrate the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.   
  • Oversee final class exam.  
  • Attend graduation ceremonies. 

Classroom management 

  • Maintain student marks and attendance.  
  • Manage the class facilities (opening/closing, visual displays, class equipment, morning/ afternoon and lunch breaks).  
  • Maintain discipline in the classroom.  
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment for both the staff and students.  


  • Attend monthly staff and instructor workshop meetings.  
  • Attend weekly instructors’ meetings. 

To apply, email your details to

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected].