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FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Peers 
Wed, Feb 2 | 10am -12pm EST
Open to the public


Attend WorkInCulture’s FLEX Collaborating with Peers Spotlight Session taking place on Feb 2 at 10am -12pm EST to learn how to collaborate with arts and heritage festivals, make space for conflict amongst peers and grow, maintain and end professional relationships. Learn from inspiring examples of peer-based collaborative frameworks from Canada, Spain, France, and Belgium. Guest speakers include: Clayton Windatt, curator, multi-arts performer and filmmaker, Benoit Geers from NEXT Festival, and Mike Ribalta from FiraTàrrega.


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GCC: Windsor - Building Better Boards through Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Thur, Feb 3 | 5:30pm -7pm EST
Open to the public


This session will address how vital it is that arts and culture boards in the Windsor-Essex region reflect the community -- recognizing that diversity is a core value, not a policy statement or quota. We'll look at how boards that are intergenerational, diverse in perspectives, backgrounds and abilities, transparent in their functions and are collaborative thrive and benefit the organization as well as our communities. Arts & culture organization staff/volunteers/members, current and aspiring arts & culture board members, and those interested in forming an arts & culture organization that will be board-run are encouraged to attend this session. While the content will be primarily framed for the Windsor-Essex region, participants from other regions are encouraged to attend. Guest speaker: Irene Moore Davis, educator, author, activist, artist, historian and podcaster.


Headshot of Mike Rudolph HR Expert presenting webinar

The Office Returns!

Now that Ontario is firmly in phase 3, many  questions have arisen about how and when to reopen our offices. Hosted by an experienced HR professional, this webinar is designed for small companies in the creative and cultural industries to help address their questions and concerns about reopening their workplaces.

Come with your questions. The webinar is hosted by Mike Rudolph, a Human Resources leader with experience working in for-profit and non-profit organizations, including the Toronto International Film Festival. He is currently the People Lead for a Toronto-based solar energy company and is a Certified Human Resources Professional.



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