FLEX Spotlight Sessions

The FLEX Spotlight series is a three-part series of videos and summary documents focused on how Canadian arts and heritage festivals can build and implement stronger collaboration strategies through international and local examples.

Spotlight sessions were open to FLEX program participants, their colleagues, and the general public.

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Collaborating with Peers

Delivered February 2, 2022

Learn how to collaborate with arts and heritage festivals, make space for conflict amongst peers, and grow, maintain and end professional relationships. Learn from inspiring examples of peer-based collaborative frameworks from Canada, Spain, France, and Belgium.

FEATURING: Clayton Windatt, curator, multi-arts performer and filmmaker; Benoit Geers from NEXT Festival; and Mike Ribalta from FiraTàrrega.

Read the FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Peers summary (PDF).

Watch the recording:

Collaborating with Artists

Delivered March 16, 2022

A festival is like an iceberg: the collective experience is the tip, the rest is all the underground work going on year-round to make it happen. In this second Spotlight, we look under the surface to consider year-round collaborations with artists: from outreach & participation projects to talent development programs, co-productions, commissions, interdisciplinary experimentations, and intersectoral explorations.

FEATURING: Guests from the Manchester Jazz Festival (UK) and Queens’ Council on the Arts (USA), and Owais Lightwala (Canada).

Read the FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Artists summary (PDF).

Watch the recording:

Collaborating with Society

Delivered April 13, 2022

Can festivals transform the world? Can they lead social change by experimenting with equitable structures, environmental responsibilities, power redistribution? Can they inspire new collaborations with society, beyond the arts & culture sector?

FEATURING: Guests from EVVI (France) and 64 Million Artists (UK), and Kevin Matthew Wong (Canada).

Read the FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Society summary (PDF).

Watch the recording:

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