FLEX Toolkits

Learn about how to create and implement a collaboration for your festival or organization in these FLEX: Collaboration toolkits.

Each toolkit offers learning content and resources from the FLEX Program that will help guide you through the basics of how to collaborate with Peers, Artists, and Society.

Collaboration with Peers

This toolkit shares concepts, techniques and resources to help you and your collaborators explore what you need to start, maintain and end fruitful professional relationships as peers.

Read the FLEX: Collaboration with Peers toolkit here (PDF).

Collaboration with Artists

This toolkit explores the opportunities of collaborating with artists. Beyond tour-based presentation models, how can festivals engage in transformative, mutually beneficial relationships with artists, and how can this lead to better community engagement, internal collaboration and dialogue with programming peers?

Read the FLEX: Collaboration with Artists toolkit here (PDF).

Collaboration with Society

This toolkit covers the theories and strategies of participation, transition and experimentation that can inspire new collaborations, both within and outside of the arts and culture sector.

Read the FLEX: Collaboration with Society toolkit here (PDF).

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