Hustle & Thrive Podcast

Hustle & Thrive is a podcast for conversation on living, working and thriving in arts and culture. We have discussions on equity, value and impact of cultural products etc., featuring artists, creators, culture contributors, and supporters, to learn about their work and unique creative experiences.

Hustle & Thrive answers questions and offer comprehensive discussions on how to make the arts and culture sector reflective around issues of equity. It is a space for ideas that will impact creative work and the creative community. 

Hustle & Thrive is produced and hosted by Yomi John, with co-host Stephanie Draker, and audio editor Santiago Bedoya.

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Episode 12: Practicing Radical Self-Love

Featuring Elaine Alec

Indigenous author and community builder Elaine Alec joins us to talk about re-examining self-love to advocate for ourselves and our community. From this chat, we are urged to think of how to fix and transform this system to benefit future generations.

Episode 11: Intersections of Accessibility & Equity

Featuring Syrus Marcus Ware

Syrus Marcus Ware uses a disability justice framework to help us connect the dots between accessibility and equity. From this conversation we learn that accessibility is not about checking boxes, but about continuously transforming our interactions to create comfortable experiences.

Episode 10: Diversity ≠ Inclusion

Featuring Sheliza Jamal

In this episode, we chat with Sheliza Jamal who brings her background as an equity and inclusion coach of Curated Leadership to highlight different ways the arts can create a better sense of belonging and become responsibly inclusive. 

Episode 9: The Next Generation & Future of the Arts

Featuring Amanda Singh, Hana Glaser & Julien Rutherford

We had a chat with Amanda Singh, Hana Glaser and Julien Rutherford about their concerns and hopes for the arts as post-secondary and emerging professionals to the sector. They have lots of suggestions, are motivated and looking forward to taking their place to help improve the sector.

Episode 8: 3 C’s of Arts Etobicoke

Featuring Akshata Naik & Heather Ervin

In times like this we have to keep adjusting and focus on what we’re experts on. This attitude is what keeps Arts Etobicoke strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out from Akshata Naik and Heather Ervin about Arts Etobicoke’s community-focused approach to handling these hard times.

Episode 7: How a Comedian Copes in a Pandemic

Featuring Stephan Dyer

From failing a lot in stand-up comedy to performing over 300 shows and co-founding a comedy and public speaking school, Stephan Dyer excels at overcoming challenges. Stephan joined us to share how he’s coping, staying productive and why he thinks artists are powerful.

Episode 6: “We’re Not That Far”: Living & Creating in North Bay, Ontario

Featuring Jaymie Lathem

What’s it like for Jaymie, artist, executive director of Creative Industries North Bay and mom? Lots of adapting to change. Listen for funny anecdotes on Jaymie​’s arts journey and her experience in North Bay’s creative community.

Episode 5: The Power of Storytelling

Featuring Emily Mills

Emily Mills joins us to talk about ways the How She Hustles network prioritizes the growth and success of diverse women, women of colour and underrepresented women. Listen for ways How She Hustles makes needed impact by allowing women tell their own stories.

Episode 4: The Art of DIY

Featuring Melissa Falconer

Melissa Falconer, also known as M. Falconer, is a self-taught visual artist with a creative business that centers Black pop culture. Listen for more about her start with DIY projects, the arts communities she’s worked with, business strategy, and creating affordable and accessible art. 

Episode 3: Shaping Your Passion into a Career

Featuring: Victoria Anderson-Gardener

Victoria Anderson-Gardener talks about ways their Indigenous identity helped shape a career in documentary filmmaking. We chat about their award-winning film The Hurt That Binds Us, and the role of grants, teamwork and self-care in the creative process. 

Episode 2: Engaging Without Tokenism

Featuring: Anthony Oliveira

Find out from Anthony Oliveira, writer, film programmer, pop culture critic and PhD, about meaningfully engaging the queer community, living inclusive values, and the delicate balance between queering existing institutions and building your own spaces. 

Episode 1: The Creative Process

Featuring: Anne T. Donahue, Crissy Calhoun & Jen Knoch

Find out from Anne T. Donahue, Crissy Calhoun and Jen Knoch, why support systems are important and why building the right creative team matters. 

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