Marketing Masterclass Toolkits

Marketing Masterclass Toolkits

Learn about marketing strategy best practices in our Marketing Masterclass Toolkits.

Each toolkit offers learning content and resources from the 2021–2022 program that will help guide you through the basics of creating and implementing a marketing strategy for your organization.

Setting the Strategy

This toolkit covers the Marketing Mix (or the 7 Ps of Marketing) and the basics of branding. You’ll learn what parts of the Marketing Mix you have and what you need, as well as what branding is and isn’t, and how it applies to your organization. 

Read the Setting the Strategy toolkit here (PDF).

Audience Development

This toolkit covers how to define your desired audience and how to find them, talk to them, and get them interested in what you do. You’ll learn about buyer personas and customer journey profiles so that you’ll understand who you want to talk to, what you want to talk to them about, and when. 

Read the Audience Development toolkit here (PDF).

Implement + Evaluation

This toolkit pulls together what you’ve learned about branding and audience so that you can start implementing your strategy. How will you know if it worked? This toolkit also covers how to monitor your progress so that you can measure and assess whether your marketing is working. 

Read the Implement + Evaluation toolkit here (PDF).

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