What’s New with the Work in Culture Job Board?

As you may have noticed, the Job Board and the Work in Culture website have a new look!

But there are also new features and resources to explore…

Here are some of our highlights of what’s new — for job seekers, job posters, and those looking to build their careers in arts and culture!

For job seekers!

There are many ways to explore the job posts and career development opportunities on the new Job Board.

You can browse the postings chronologically, as on our previous Job Board, from the main job listings page.

Or, you can seek out the listings that interest you by using the search bar or the search fields in the sidebar.

Using the search fields, you can refine the Job Board postings by:

  • Type of work (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.)
  • Location
  • Whether the position is remote, hybrid or flexible, or on-site
  • Salary
  • Organization
  • Application deadline
  • Whether an applicant tracking or automated HR system will be used (if information available)
  • Whether applicants who are not shortlisted will be notified (if information available)
  • Whether there are flexible interview options (if information available)
  • Whether interview questions will be provided in advance (if information available)

You can search by any term in the search bar — job title, job level, organization, etc. — to pull up relevant listings.

If you are having any trouble viewing the search listing or if your device does not support the instant search interface, you can access a simplified version of the new Job Board here. This is also a helpful option for job seekers who prefer to view the Job Board postings in a list.

Also new — discover career and professional development opportunities now on the Job Board!

You may remember the Work in Culture Discovery Board, a sister to the Job Board where arts, culture and creative workers could find all types of career development opportunities, from training and events to Board openings and calls for submissions.

We’ve brought the Discovery Board and the Job Board together to offer you an easy way to find these career-boosting opportunities. Just select Career Development on the Job Board to explore what’s new. These opportunities will be marked with a blue “Career Development” banner.

For job posters!

You’ll also find some new features when you post an arts and culture job or career development opportunity on the new Job Board.

In fact, that’s the very first selection that you’ll make. Before you input your posting, you’ll select whether it’s a paid job or a career development opportunity (previously known as a Discovery Board post — includes workshops, events, volunteer opportunities, calls for Board members, etc.)

We’ve brought the Discovery Board and the Job Board together to offer an easier way to post and find these opportunities. The form will adjust based on your selection, making it an intuitive, all-in-one form for both types of posts.

You can upload your logo, link out to your website, embed a video and include more information about your organization in a section of the form called Organization Details.

In the job posting form specifically, you will find some new fields where you can share more information about the job and the application process, including:

  • Whether the position is remote, on-site, or a hybrid or flexible model
  • Whether an applicant tracking or automated HR system will be used to filter applicants (optional)
  • Whether applicants who are not shortlisted will be notified (optional)
  • Whether interviews will be flexible (e.g., different interview formats, times, location, remote option, etc.) (optional)
  • Whether some interview questions will be provided to interviewees in advance (optional)

As noted, those last four fields are completely optional. During the Job Board redesign we heard from many job seekers who desired more information about a job posting’s application process. Sharing this additional info can help applicants know what to expect and how they can better plan their application for your job post, if you wish.

You can pay for a Job Board posting by credit card or by e-transfer upon checkout.

New — posts require a payment to go live on the Job Board. You can pay by credit card via PayPal for your post to go live immediately. You can also pay by e-transfer, but these posts may take up to two business days to be approved once payment is received and confirmed.

A friendly reminder for posters joining us from our previous Job Board that we’ve updated our site security and you will need to reset your password when you first login. If you created an account for our Job Board from 2013 onwards, you can login with your existing username/email address — just follow the instructions here to reset your password.

For those looking to build their careers in arts and culture!

You can find our business and entrepreneurial programming for artists, creatives and cultural workers on our Programs page.

Work in Culture programs focus on career training that’s relevant across arts disciplines, cultural industries, and career levels. Explore our active offerings as well as catch up on results and resources from recent Work in Culture programming.

You’ll find even more career-supportive resources on our new Resources page, which brings together online tools, training and knowledge-sharing from Work in Culture programs, participants and partners.

This includes our cultural career research reports, which explore sector conditions, trends and priorities. Visit the Research section of the Resources page to take a look at the most recent reports.

For updates and news about Work in Culture and the cultural sector, check out the News page

You can also sign-up to our monthly e-newsletter and join our social media communities for more best practices and resources for living, working and thriving in arts and culture. You’ll find the links on our Contact Us page.

We hope you enjoy the new Work in Culture website and Job Board!

Of course with the launch of any new system, glitches can happen. If you experience a technical issue or would like to report a bug, please contact Brianne DiAngelo, Marketing and Communications Manager, at [email protected]

You can also get in touch with Brianne to let us know what you think of the site. We welcome and appreciate your feedback!