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is a WorkInCulture program available as an in-person workshop or online webinar that teaches individuals working in arts, culture, libraries, and heritage, skills related to business planning and entrepreneurship.
What is business planning?
It’s the process of defining the foundations of an enterprise or business for the purpose of making profits and surviving in a specific business market within a specified timeframe.
What is entrepreneurship?
 It’s the process of starting a new business or venture in order to make a profit and survive within a specific marketplace.
Example CreativeBoost Subjects:
Marketing Strategy
Financial Forecasting




Thursday, November 5, 2020 

CreativeBoost: Get Your Message Heard | 

Presenter: Shinijini Sur

To leverage content and increase audience reach you have to consider the 4 stages of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, conversation, and loyalty. This session will include critique of other brands and personalities using this marketing funnel, and discussions on how to optimize content to build online presence.