A New Month, A New Look! WIC's Improved Website

Posted: 2017-08-01 12:28:38 PM by Global Administrator | with 39 comments

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Written by Mona Afshari
Have you noticed WIC’s new hair cut? Ahem, mobile responsive website!?

We love the new look – we hope you do too!  We thought it was time for a fresh change. Aside from being mobile responsive, we’ve improved our Blog page, The Job Board, the Course Board, how some of our content is organized, and added a few fun images and colours! 

On the Blog page you can now search for content in the search bar by typing a keyword like “Culture” or clicking on a tag in our new Tag Cloud. These new features will help narrow down the content that you are interested in reading about.

You’ll notice a few new filter options on the Job Board that we hope will help job searchers to identify the position that they are looking for. We’ve simplified things by adding a job type (e.g. full-time), career level (e.g. entry-level), and region filter.  For those who are interested in finding job posts with a specific application deadline or job post date, the Filter By Date will come in handy.  We also added a filter on the Course Board, so that you can specify what kind of course you are looking for to upgrade your skills: artistic/creative; technical/production; or administrative.

We’d love to hear your comments on the changes we’ve made so far. Also, we created a new Facebook group that we’d love for you to join – it’s called WorkInCulture’s Creative Professionals Discussion Group

We want to thank our focus group participants who gave us some great ideas that we implemented on our new website. Some of the aha moments we had during those sessions included: add more colour to the site, organize the content by theme, share success stories/feature creative professionals, include interesting images/icons, and provide a platform where we can easily connect to hear your comments/suggestions, thus the FB Group. Those are just some ideas that we have considered and will be implementing in the near future, if we haven’t already.

With your suggestions, we hope to continue making improvements and providing you with accessible, useful, and interesting information.

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Add more color to the website, categorize the content by theme, share success stories and highlight creative professionals, include eye-catching images and icons, and give us a platform where we can easily connect to hear your comments and suggestions—hence the FB Group—were some of the epiphanies we experienced during those sessions.
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We want to thank our focus group participants who gave us some great ideas that we implemented on our new website. Some of the aha moments we had during those sessions included: add more colour to the site, organize the content by theme, share success stories/feature creative professionals, include interesting...
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This is a great improvement to the UI. My feedback would be on the tags list in the right sidebar. I think it could use some better categorization with sub section headings. The font is also quite small, and it's harder to read, plus it would be harder to tap on a mobile device. You could get someone mistakenly clicking on a different tag, which would frustrate them. So, use bigger font, and perhaps find a way to organize them visually a little better so it doesn't look overwhelming!
2022-03-22 6:38:51 PM
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