Online Summer Camp Instructor (Various disciplines - Sports, Arts, and Skills)

Date Posted: May 11, 2020
Application Deadline: Jun 01, 2020
Start Date: Jun 22, 2020

Hourly From: $20/hr To $25/hr
Province: Ontario
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: Other (e.g. flex time, comp tickets, etc.)
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Organization's Field/Discipline: Doesn't apply
Job's focus: Creative
Job Type: Summer Jobs
Career Level: Doesn’t apply

Organization Description

Camp Connect
An online summer camp to give kids a summer camp experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. We look to connect kids with young professionals, providing weekly scheduled activities.

Job Description


*Note: We are accepting applicants from anywhere as this is an online position*

Job Details: We are looking for people with experience working with children to provide one-hour activity sessions for kids 2-3 times per week from home. If you have experience with a craft, art, sport, instrument, or any other teachable topic please email us to apply (see below). The schedule is very flexible; instructors may choose which times they would like to run sessions each week. Instructors must commit to a schedule of classes before each week begins and are expected to be signed on to each session ahead of time. A short list of equipment must also be provided before sessions so that campers can prepare for classes. We hope that this will also provide you with a great exposure opportunity to a large audience of kids and parents that will help expand your personal business as an instructor!

We are looking for instructors to teach:

  • Cooking/Baking

  • Comedy

  • Visual art

  • Magic

  • Tie-Dying

  • Basketball

  • Yoga

  • Fitness

  • Music Lessons

  • Dance

  • Makeup Tutorial

  • Soccer

Please email us if you are interested at


Required experience: We are looking for applicants who are comfortable with, and have some experience with children aged 8-15. Instructors must have experience in teaching fitness. There are no particular age requirements.

How to Apply:

Contact us at

COVID-19 Resources
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