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WorkSmarts is WorkInCulture series available as an in-person workshop or online webinar that teaches individuals working in arts, culture, libraries, and heritage, skills related to organizational capacity and management.

What is organizational capacity?

It’s how an organization accomplishes its strategic plans/goals through its resources:

  • Human resources: number of staff, quality, skills, experience, etc.
  • Physical/material resources: computers, land, buildings, venue space, etc.
  • Financial resources: funding, donations, sponsorship, earned revenue, credit, etc.
  • Informational resources: history of knowledge, databases, files
  • Intellectual resources: patents, copyrights, designs, programs, workshops

What is management?
It’s creating policy, coordinating, organizing, planning, controlling, and directing resources in order to fulfill an organization’s strategic plans/goals.

Example WorkSmarts subjects: Financial Management; Human Resources; Capacity Building; Strategic Planning; Project Management;Inclusion & Diversity; Copyright; Customer Service


Wednesday, July 10, 2019 | 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm EDT

WorkSmarts: Incorporating Trauma-Informed Practices in the Arts
Presenter: Emily Gillespie
This webinar will provide insight about trauma informed arts facilitation, as well as trauma informed event planning and curation. We will explore best practices and tools that you can incorporate into your work.  


For more information about Work Smarts, please contact:

Mona Afshari, Marketing and Communications Manager, at monaafshari(at)